Drops are new releases, where either a solo artist or a group of artists create new work to be released for the first time. Explore live and upcoming Drops below.

The marketplace features NFTs that are available for sale on the platform, either directly from the artist, or on the secondary market.

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Community and Accessibility are the core tenets of the NFT and blockchain space, and we are proud to have partnered with Arium, one of the most forward-thinking Metaverse builders in the world. We have worked closely with the Arium team to construct the NFTism exhibition in a virtual Institut gallery – where you can meet with friends, artists and fellow enthusiasts and experience the show together, from anywhere in the world.


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We are proud of our vibrant Institut community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who are helping to redefine the future of contemporary art. For early drop news and exclusive updates, stay connected to our Twitter, Instagram and Discord channels.

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