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by Kitty Horlick   ‘Right-click and bleed them dry.’ These were the words of my best friend’s father last summer, as he walked past my laptop and spied OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, visible on my screen. He was, of course, teasing me.   XCOPY, Right-Click and Save as Guy, 2018. Courtesy to the… Continue reading The Value of NFTs: Authenticity over Inimitability

Ikaro Cavalcante Intuitive Freedom by Ikaro Cavalcante Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted) (b. 1995) is a non-binary person and a transdisciplinary artist, having gone through design, tattoo, performance and digital art. Occulted works with 3D and sounds that reconstruct common spaces with their affective memory, be they virtual or physical. The periods of their life that remain… Continue reading Interview with Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted): Mixing the Organic and Synthetic

Raphael Lacoste Raphael Lacoste is one of the most prolific and renowned concept artists in the digital space. Lacoste was the Art Director at Ubisoft on such titles as Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. Winning two VES Awards, in February 2006 for his work on the “Two Thrones” cut scene from Prince of Persia… Continue reading Interview with Raphael Lacoste: Building New Worlds

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Community and Accessibility are the core tenets of the NFT and blockchain space, and we are proud to have partnered with Arium, one of the most forward-thinking Metaverse builders in the world. We have worked closely with the Arium team to construct the NFTism exhibition in a virtual Institut gallery – where you can meet with friends, artists and fellow enthusiasts and experience the show together, from anywhere in the world.


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For the first time ever, @ArtMatthewStone’s brand new body of work incorporates AI-assisted technology, in order to challenge our common conception and history of “virtual realities"

‘Virtual Paintings’ opens this week at Unit London.🔥

🎙We’re looking forward to our upcoming space w/ @verticalcrypto who’s been building this community since day one!

Join us this Wednesday at 6pm BST, as we discuss Micol’s work as a curator as well as celebrate the one year anniversary of @vcaresidency✨

Subscapes #53000298 by @mattdesl

Beautiful series of landscapes, varying in colors, in styles, shapes and gradients.

expedition_missive_0043 by @soficrespo91

"To learn to see the other is to co-inhabit new spaces with it, to seek out its ever-new forms and emergent patterns, to know that we can never know it, but merely acknowledge and see."

A must-read interview of @rheaplex, a true web3 pioneer