Andrew David Baron

Andrew David Baron's work explores the strange & incredibly interesting world of wordplay in the English language within the context and spirit of minimalism, colour theory, and concrete poetry in the search of absolute truth. Conceptualised within are themes of love, loss, memory, space, time, life, death, math, science, and so much more. The keen use of social media, specifically, Instagram


Concrete poems are reduced into their basic essences amalgamated and imbued with powerfully emotional colour gradients to intellectually create vibes, moods, and insight.

Andrew David Baron is an American text based conceptual artist with over two decades of experience, who currently lives and works in Calgary, Canada. Baron holds a BFA in Studio Arts with a Minor in Art History from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, USA. In 2003, he presented his first solo exhibition, entitled Revolutions, with A.R.T. Gallery in New York. 

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