Andy Picci

Andy Picci's practice explores themes of perception, identity, spectacle, and expectation in the age of hyper-digitalization. Picci’s work combines photography and cryptology, which allows him to visually communicate abstract concepts such as processing complex emotion and defining social relations that are often intangible in today’s society. Through questioning social status, identity or ach


Beauty cannot be limited to a perception, it has to be experienced.

Born on February 9, 1989 in Lausanne, Andy Picci studied Photography at the Cantonal School of Arts in Lausanne (ECAL), Visual Communication at the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes (ESAM) in Paris and obtained a Masters in Fine Arts at Central Saint-Martins (CSM UAL) in London. Picci's work revolves around the phenomenon of celebrity, our relationship to social media, and the proufound quest for identity in the age of hyper-digitalization. To evoke this sentiment, Picci uses a liquid texture in his work, leaving the viewer to question the concept of modernity and changing environments.

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