Auriea Harvey

Auriea Harvey’s work combines digital and physical processes to create sculptures in physical space and mixed reality.  Drawing from her extensive experience in net art and video games in the collaborative groups Entropy8Zuper!, Tale of Tales, and Song of Songs, she brings personal narratives and character development to her sculptures. Harvey begins her  sculptural process by making scans fro


Harvey's sculptures make her  influences evident and she fuses them with her own creations to reinvent, reinterpret, and retell new narratives. 

Auriea Harvey lives in Rome and is a Professor of Games at Kunsthochschule Kassel. Her works are often complemented by AR sculptures, which bridge the gap between the digital and physical, the possible and  impossible. Harvey sifts through artefacts of Western culture in order to find herself and traces of her African American diasporic lineage. These objects are hybrid products, made in Western Europe but borrowing from its colonies.She was part of the curated Christie’s auction PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY in 2021.

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