Ayla El-Moussa

Creating a visual philosophy by combining the power of Self Portrait photography & film to capture the essence of nature & the female form.


I’m not a photographer - I’m not a model - I’m not a videographer - I’m a hybrid of all these & I don’t just fall under one category… but the world I am creating is a category of it own.”

I grew up in the misty hills in the middle of nowhere Canada on a biodynamic farm. I was a feisty child with lots of energy to spare & so I found myself outside a lot tending to the animals, chopping wood & clearing the pastures. It was in those moments my love affair with nature began. Everything about it gave me inspiration, energy and peace. My parents taught us to stargaze, cook, garden & more- but above all they taught us to let our inner child go & always feed our inspiration & curiosity. It was when my father introduced me to photography that I was able to transfer the fantasies in my head into a reality. So, in the middle of nowhere, with no social media to find models to shoot,I became my own muse & it was in nature that I began to fully realize my love for the female form & its deep connection to the power of nature.

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