Banz & Bowinkel

Giulia Bowinkel (b. 1983) and Friedemann Banz (b. 1980) live in Berlin and have been working together under the name Banz & Bowinkel since 2009. In 2007 they graduated from the Art Academy with Albert Oehlen and started making art with computers. Their work includes computer-generated imagery, animation, augmented imagery, virtual realities, and installations. The award-winning works of Giul


In their work, the artists focus on the human fascination with development, permeation and visualization of so-called reality.

 Friedemann Banz (1980, Germany) and Giulia Bowinkel (1983, Germany) is an artistic duo titled Banz & Bowinkel. Their work inhabits the spatial binary reality of computers, examining the relationship between man and machine. Using an amalgamation of computer generated images and motion graphics, their work interplays inescapable nature of technology. For this, the technological tools - which form an increasingly inescapable part of contemporary society - serve as both source and material. In creating their works with the computer it becomes a tool to investigate the interactions with it. In the same way, they also reflect on the new possibilities and challenges that the growing dependency on these devices poses

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