Ben Spiers

Ben Spiers's paintings pair methodical skills, with a mastery of styles that include surrealism, abstraction and cubism, bringing alive a world of hypnogogic fears and fantasies to his canvases. His subjects are seemingly at ease with their outlandish and grotesque countenances. Their bulging necks, twisted limbs, and vibrant eyes beckon the viewer into the deranged magical world where they reside


I often distort things, but actually, I think one of the reasons that I can distort them convincingly is that I actually understand reasonably well how it works in reality. The most important thing isn’t accuracy, but that it is convincing, or believable—that it draws you in.

Benjamin Spiers was born in Plymouth, in 1972. He studied at Falmouth and, later, at Goldsmiths in London, under Peter Doig’s tutorage. With a trove of innovative works that he created over previous years, Spiers’s solo debuts in London and LA in 2019 were instant successes, leaving everyone wanting more. Spiers's work has been featured in exhibitions internationally at key galleries and museums, including Carl Kostyál in Stockholm, Unit London and Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles. Spiers's  had his first artwork offered at auction in 2021 with Bukowskis in Stockholm. 

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