Brickspacer is a 23-year-old media artist and film director from Moscow, a founder and promoter of the crypto art movement in Russia. Nominee for the rating "30 most promising Russians under 30" according to Forbes in 2021, Category "Art".


All the works Brickspacer ever made for the brands and musicians were created in the format of collaborations: the artist offered his own ideas and director's vision, which were successfully brought to life. These collaborations include the works for ADER and Reebok, 2x2 TV channel, Monster energy drink, adventure 3D shooter Atomic Herat, as well as directorial work on music videos by widely known Russian musicians Slava Marlow and Little Big. At the moment the artist is mainly focused on his own work, he creates video statements and canvases that are successfully sold on crypto platforms. Brickspacer’s digital works were displayed many times on huge media screens in the center of world capitals like Tokyo and Moscow.
Brickspacer was one of the first Russian artists to present and successfully sell his works on the crypto art market. The telegram public called “NFT Bastards” founded by Brickspacer is now the largest Russian-speaking community and has more than 20,000 members Also, Brickspacer is a founder and leader of the first NFT agency in Russia called “ARKA”. The agency is offering the smooth integration of artists and brands into the NFT environment.
The artist is a member and one of the founders of the creative association "111". They are a bunch of creative youngsters who are into extreme sports, painting on the streets, writing music, and creating content that makes the web exploded. Among the guys from the "111" crowd are top media artists, CG artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, photographers, conceptual clothing designers, musicians, and other talented people. Brickspacer tries to support the development of the “111” creative association and helps to promote it.

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