Chad Knight

Chad Knight started his 365 challenge of creating a new piece of digital art every day as a simple exercise that would help him improve his craft. But it quickly transformed into a visual personal journal. Knight’s works exist in their own world, one filled with beautiful and frightening impossibilities. These are places inhabited enormous, elaborate beings that appear in mid-evolution.


“The 3D medium is so immersive and limitless: you are not bound by the laws of physics, you can be like a magician. In my art I’m trying to capture in a physical form our universal feelings of compassion and motivation. I want people looking at my work to realize that they are powerful and capable of every- thing, regardless of what they look like or what other people classify them as.”

"Chad Knight is a ten year digital artist, foundational member of the NFT community and former head of 3D design for Nike. His work went viral in 2017 and caused an internet rumor that his 3D fountain, ‘Release’, was actually a real life place in Japan. As former head of 3D Design at Nike, Knight is no stranger to working in the digital world and uses Cinema 4D to create high detail sculptures that push the limits of physics.
Ever since entering the Metaverse, Knight has planted himself as a key member of the NFT community, creating 3D collections with Vogue Singapore, Christie's auction house and Singer Freddie Mercury. Knight has recently become head of Cyberwear for Wilder World, a 5D metaverse built on Unreal Engine.
Knight’s work has been featured on the cover of Vogue Singapore, in Vogue Italia & L'uomo, Elle Decor, and Vice. Chad Knight retired from an exciting career as a professional skateboarder that ran from 1998-2011. "

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