Chris Drange

Chris Drange is known for his explorations of social media and pop-culture. His work incorporates the traditional method of court painting by illustrating modern-day influencers. Through depiction of self-identification around the mood and style of social media culture, Drange creates another lens of reality that is encapsulated in the canvas.


In the past, worshiping relics promised healing. Today, however, we no longer have healing problems, but rather validity problems.

Chris Drange (b. 1983) is a german contemporary artist specialising in post-digital portraits and realistic oil painting artworks. In his work, Drange explores self-expression and the mood and style of social media culture in a traditional oil painting fashion. His work is based on giving the digital world a reality, by combining the fleetingness of social media with renaissance grandeur. His work has been featured in several exhibitions and magazines including Museum der bildende Künste, Leipzig; Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen; König Galerie, Berlin; Kunstforum International, Numéro Berlin.

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