What distinguishes CryptoWiener from many other artists is their brilliant appearance on the virtual floor. It is an art performance. On Cryptovoxels, the artists have set up a gallery with their works of art and recreated a classic Viennese coffee house. Their release parties are legendary. While Mozart is jingling at the piano, DJs from DAO Records and ETH Gang really give it steam and at the cr


We brought new life into iconic moments from the development of the crypto and blockchain scene and want to tell a story with them.

The artist group CyptoWiener are introducing their new NFT project: Proof of History. Since the fabulous auction of Beeple’s NFT at Christie’s for 69mm USD, the NFT market is booming. The three letters NFT stand for non-fungible tokens and denote the digital right of ownership to a physical or digital work of art via proof of a unique token that can be held in a digital wallet and traded on platforms. With their first project CryptoWiener, the new kids on the block-chain entered the metaverse in no time and brought a bit of Viennese style to the international blockchain scene. In the style of the well-known CryptoPunks, the Viennese with pixel figures won the first Austrian Blockchain Award with their charm. With funny scenes about Arnie, Falco and Mozart they captured the hearts of crypto enthusiasts and even attracted the attention of NFT expert Kenny Schachter, who counts them as one of his favorites.

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