Eva Beresin

Born in Budapest in 1955, to Holocaust survivors and art collectors, Eva Beresin became passionate about drawing and painting when she was a little child while sitting with her parents weekly at Café Gerbeaud in Budapest. There Eva loved to observe the "old" ladies with her wild makeup and styling.


The story of where I come from and who I am today seems an inexhaustible source.

Eva Beresin graduated from the School of Fine art in Budapest and has an expansive career encompassing 43 years. Beresin's practice showcase array of figurative styles and installation. Furthermore, Beresin works within interior and graphic design. In 2015, she exhibited her largest project so far: the artistic implementation of her mother's diary after her liberation from Auschwitz. Beresin converted this into a multi-layered painting, representing her mother’s history. Beresin also published the book “Eighty-nine pages” with the publishing house "Verlag für moderne Kunst”. During the 2020-2021 lockdowns, her works inevitably begun to explore the universal human condition.  

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