Jason Seife

Jason Seife’s intricate arabesque paintings fuse traditional techniques from his Middle Eastern heritage with modern materials such as ink and acrylic, this captures the essence of a particular historical craft for a contemporary audience.


Intricate arabesques with psychoanalytical undercurrent...

Born in 1989, Seife grew up in Miami to immigrant parents who were supportive of his creative ambitions. After playing in bands throughout his adolescence Seife, a talented graphic designer, began creating album artwork for hip hop artists. He designed Big Sean’s lion logo, painted backdrops in Nicki Minaj’s music videos and created artwork for both Pharrell Williams and Mac Miller. Seife was not content solely actioning the creative vision of others, and so began to create his own work. With financial backing from his career in graphic design, Seife made the transition into creating contemporary artwork full-time in 2015. He has had successful shows both domestically and internationally and was recently featured in a special project with The Bronx and Brooklyn Museum where his work was projected onto the facade of both museums.
Seife’s paintings are meticulously crafted simulacrums of his oscillating mental states: different colours correlate to the different moods of the artist as he undertakes the therapeutic process of weaving his emotional state into an encoded tapestry. The inspiration for Seife’s work is based around the notion that we can reinvent the past using modern day materials and compositions, allowing the excellence of an old craft to be admired by a younger generation. Seife was inspired by both his own Middle Eastern heritage and the complex artistic practice of Persian rug weaving. The original designs are laden with hidden meaning and language; the weavers were able to link each rug's particular pattern, palette, and style with a specific and identifiable geographic area or community.
Seife’s influences span the realms of art, architecture, performance and music. He is a lifelong admirer of KAWS, appreciating his ability to take his creative work into so many outlets, as well as multidisciplinary artists such as Daniel Arsham, Jose Parla, Takashi Murakami, and Kanye West.

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