Jeremy Olson

Jeremy’s work features anthropomorphic creatures and objects, generally in constructed environments. There’s often a reference to the natural landscape, but it’s either off in the distance or somehow violated. They’re attempts to think about what it means to be human in a moment of environmental devastation and failures of political imagination. They might be avatars for various desires or


There’s always a feeling or a certain sense of place I’m trying to articulate, an emotional tenor. An idea I keep returning to is this tension between empathy and alienation.

Jeremy Olson is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily in painting, with excursions into sculpture and video. His work has been exhibited in London, New York, Miami, Baltimore, Berlin, Antwerp, Melbourne, and Seoul. Jeremy was an artist in residence at Praksis Oslo in Norway, Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska, Oxbow School of Art & Artists’ Residency in Michigan, and the SVA Summer Residency in New York. Jeremy received a BFA from the University of Arizona and an MFA from NYU Steinhardt.

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