Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla’s work engages with art history, the spectacle of pop culture and technology. His pioneering use of imaging and 3D technologies has led to collaborations with NASA, Marina Abramovic and Kanye West. Brambilla also adapted Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash, the book that coined the term ‘avatar’, into an unrealised feature film.


Winklevii: Precious Metals depicts the twins as living metallic busts; their movement, fed by currency, becomes increasingly energetic and eventually abstract. The first in this series resembles cast platinum, the most expensive material capable of casting.

Marco Brambilla’s "Winklevii: Precious Metals (Platinum)" is a limited edition of Brambilla’s previous NFT Winklevii: Bigger than Both of Us. The narrative is made up entirely of sound bites sampled from interviews with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss; "Winklevii: Precious Metal (Platinum)" transforms the twins into animated metallic life-casts, their avatars taking turns as they try to decode the future of cryptocurrency. Early Bitcoin enthusiasts, the twins are invested in the currency's success and often lecture about its inevitability, supremacy and innovation. As the dialogue builds with optimism and fervor, their avatars spin and contort into a version of themselves more reminiscent of a bust-like representation of the mythological creature Cerberus, the multi-headed guard dog of Hades. Much like the value of Bitcoin and other circulating cryptocurrencies, the artwork reaches its manic climax of revolving figures and mantras before crashing back down to the start of its original aspirational anthem, only to build up again in a never ending cycle of rise and fall. "Winklevii: Precious Metals (Platinum)” is a limited edition of 3 and Verisart certified. "Winklevii: Bigger than Both of Us" was released on SupeRare on August 21, 2021 to coincide with twins’ 40th Birthday.

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