Nili Lerner

As an artist and social entrepreneur, Nili has been experimenting with social networks, alternative currencies and the concept of value throughout her career. Through this experience she has developed an analytical process to create monetary models that are tailored to the currency issuer's goals and interests.


Money can change your life but you can change what money is...

In October 2008, during the global financial crisis, Nili created the "Dollar Ribbon" to illustrate the direct connection between the value of the dollar and the health of the community. In 2009, she turned her artistic focus to Twitter and through her account @whatar, experimented with the limits of 140 characters and the immediacy of it’s publishing. In 2014, Nili began the first CryptoArt project NILIcoins, which were issued via Counterparty. At the same time she used Bitcointalk, a social network for the crypto community, to create a URL based canvas that evolved in time. By 2019, Nili had become involved in the development of a functional decentralized identity project named MDIP keychain.

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