Polina Osipova

Based in St Petersburg, Polina Osipova is a perfect combination of a maker and a digital storyteller. Her pieces are often wearable objects, inseparable from the artist: headpieces adorned with pearls, embroideries and silver coins; body jewellery featuring photos from her family archives; miniature sculptures of wire and seashells which become extensions of your fingers.


I am very honest in what I share. I try to use my platform to teach people that Russia is not simply a slavic country – there are more than 180 ethnicities with their own native lands, languages, and traditions. I want to show how different our lives can be, even in the same country.

Polina Osipova is an immersive and digital story teller, who focuses on retelling stories of indigenous cultures within Russia.. Her works are immersive journey into digital mythology, and how it can expand our boundaries within storytelling. Her work isbuilt around recurring symbols in the artist's work: eyes, tears, hands, silver coins and the image of the wolf, a supernatural creature which is simultaneously animal and human. All of these motifs create a story which allows the viewer to muse on the power of nature and our place within it, while reviving and reimagining forgotten histories and connecting with ancestral female power. The wolf and the image of a Chuvash warrior woman endlessly appear in Polina's work, often transforming into one another. In the same way, the past and present, digital and analogue constantly coexist, connected through the artist's creativity.

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