Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs works with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His practice focuses on generative techniques, exploring the relationship between the aesthetics of the digital world and the analogue world, including how computers and contemporary software shape our visual vocabulary.


Code is the fundamental building block of the modern, digital world, which makes it the perfect material for contemporary artists to explore.

Tyler Hobbs is a practicing artist from Austin, Texas. With a strong background in both traditional visual arts and computer science, Hobbs' work spans the analogue and digital divide. Since 2014, his work has focused primarily on generative algorithms, and in 2021 his generative work "Fidenza" reached wide acclaim within the world of NFT art collection. Hobbs' artwork has been exhibited in the US, Canada, and Singapore, as well as a 2018 solo exhibition at Galería Dos Topos in León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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