Vector Meldrew

Crafting stories and worlds around themes such as consumerism, decentralisation, culture, identity, consciousness & the nature of reality.


Vector Meldrew seems less concerned with ‘whos’ or ‘whats’, choosing rather to pour his passions into ‘how’. Some say he has no physical form, existing only through the output of his graphical creativity. Others talk of him as a savior (of sorts?!), delaying the coming apocalypse whilst his devastating power is occupied disentangling a video cord. A few even suggest that Vector Meldrew is in fact a talented cluster of design specialists, decentralisation nerds, visionaries and music buffs, but then some people will believe anything… One thing is certain. Vector Meldrew’s curiosity for exploring ideas that most people don’t care about (yet) has led him down some exciting paths. As a teenager and local pirate radio fan he used design, technology and storytelling to translate the culture he was surrounded by. Building the first online platforms to grow communities around emerging music scenes that laid the foundations for grime/dubstep/garage music online. The most notable being “” and “RWD forum” which later became both famous and infamous at the same time.

Making the decision to veer off and form a creative splinter faction group, he joined forces with a DJ, a graffiti writer and some guy from Teddington. Their mission? To use comedy as a mirror to the media industry to show it’s hypocrisy at the time. Both Missy Elliott and HRH Prince Charles co-signed the groups first concept leading to an animated series commissioned by Channel U. A channel now known for giving a voice to a new multicultural generation of British kids that didn’t see themselves or the culture they were creating represented anywhere else in the media at the time. Mission complete.

After realising the music industry was riddled with thieves, drug dealers and pimps (oh… btw…there’s also a bad side*). Inspired by the artwork of 90’s rave flyers he sent himself back to the gulag to develop a secret formula for expressing his abstract thoughts, feelings and emotions through visual media. This led to touring as a VJ offering live visual performances from Switzerland to Glastonbury often alongside his mate Addison Groove. As a director he had his films shown at both festivals and online platforms such as : Aesthetica, The Smalls, Berlin Music Video Awards, Vimeo Staff Pick, Adult Swim and Vice

Fast forward to the present and you will find him working as a motion graphics specialist by day at DAZZLE SHIP™. By night you will often find him with the blinds drawn, holed up with a stack of GPU power and a collection of deranged thoughts flowing through his fingers into the computer screen. You can say he’s a God amongst gender neutral humans, or you can simply say you “don’t beliieeeve it”. Either way, if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find him…..

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