Maxim Zhestkov

Zhestkov examines the connection of physical and digital realities and acts on their intersection. Manifesting the continuity of exploration, he imagines new worlds and expands the understanding of phenomena from our universe. Merging architecture, sculpture, movement, and sound, the artist aspires to develop a universal language to depict complicated concepts in a succinct yet not scaled-down man


New worlds should not be discovered, they should be created.

Maxim Zhestkov (b. Russia, 1985) is an artist who has been exploring the possibilities of digital means of creativity since 2005. Merging architecture, sculpture, color, movement, and sound, the artist combines various channels of perception to develop a distinct universal language on the intersection of physical and virtual to depict complicated concepts and ideas. Combining basic geometrical shapes — dots, spheres, and planes — Zhestkov creates intricate and hypnotic visual stories centralized on objects in their volume, detail, and beauty of movement.

Maxim's works were exhibited at Times Square, MIT, Art Basel Miami, Ars Electronica, and dozens of other public art spaces, galleries and festivals across Europe, China, and USA. Working independently and collaborating with brands like BMW, Sony, Ford, and others, Zhestkov creates pieces that are both beautiful and thought-provoking.

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