David Henry Nobody Jr

David Henry Nobody Jr has a 30 year deep performative evolution as a New York artist. Currently, he physically sculpts modern dilemmas onto his own body and on that of models in order to produce inside-out surreal visions of what humanity is becoming. His perennial examination of the relationship between simulated reality versus the real world have merged with digital media, which place his artist


The only way to become yourself is to let go of yourself. It is the rise of social media that has radically redefined the portrayal of the self and this technology has greatly expanded my own artistic language.

David Henry Nobody Jr is the name is an online performative alter-ego known for transforming himself into bizarre characters using masks and wearable sculptures comprised of food and consumerist detritus. This practice “Resemblagè,” a term coined to describe a unique conceptualizations which humorously and disturbingly explore the dark side of American pop-culture. Resemblagè, derived from resemble and collage, is the act of physically collaging directly upon a human body or face, usually the artists own.

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