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Ikaro Cavalcante Intuitive Freedom by Ikaro Cavalcante Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted) (b. 1995) is a non-binary person and a transdisciplinary artist, having gone through design, tattoo, performance and digital art. Occulted works with 3D and sounds that reconstruct common spaces with their affective memory, be they virtual or physical. The periods of their life that remain… Continue reading Interview with Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted): Mixing the Organic and Synthetic
Raphael Lacoste Raphael Lacoste is one of the most prolific and renowned concept artists in the digital space. Lacoste was the Art Director at Ubisoft on such titles as Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. Winning two VES Awards, in February 2006 for his work on the “Two Thrones” cut scene from Prince of Persia… Continue reading Interview with Raphael Lacoste: Building New Worlds
Marc Simonetti Breakfast Disruption by Marc Simonetti Marc Simonetti is a multi-award French concept artist/ illustrator, who worked on movies like Frank Herbert’s Dune and at video game companies including EA and Square Enix. Simonetti is most notable for the creation of the visual ‘Iron Throne’ on the cover of ‘A Song of Ice and… Continue reading Interview with Marc Simonetti: Layers of Storytelling
Josh Pierce Dissolve by Josh Pierce Visual Artist and Motion Graphics Art Director, Josh Pierce, has quickly become a leader in the emerging digital art space. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, and Savannah College of Art and Design, Pierce is currently working as Fine Artist and Art Director in Los Angeles and has… Continue reading Interview with Josh Pierce: Gateways into Mindfulness
Otherworlds is a collection of visionary works by 5 artists who imagine and build intricate worlds that are just beyond our grasp. Here, Reuben Wu, Raphael Lacoste, Josh Piece, Marc Simonetti, and Ikaro Cavalcante capture greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation. Inspired by subsequent leading figures in art history such as Romantic… Continue reading Otherworlds
From the generative beauty of Tyler Hobbs and IX Shells to the captivating digital worlds of Krista Kim and Don Diablo, Institut’s inaugural showing at Art Dubai and our debut appearance at an international art fair brings together a world-class grouping of digital artists who are defining the NFT space. Representative of the rapid coming… Continue reading Institut at Art Dubai 2022