In celebration of all things grotesque, this NFT group drop presents the strange, mysterious, magnificent, fantastic, sublime,  hideous, congruous, unpleasant, and disgusting yet oddly satisfying and dreamy  forms. This NFT drop is a nod to the history of the grotesque and weird and distorted shapes that have been immortalised within art history. Throughout history, grotesque and intertwined with meditation and contemplation as they individually provide a fundamental existential experience.

By presenting abrupt bizarre scenes, figures, and loops, these NFTs simultaneously evoke the viewer to feel uneasy while actively engaging the audience through human curiosity. One's eyes are drawn in as nuanced details are revealed by a second glance. In the form of NFT, digital artwork takes on a new meaning as the work expands to encompass click-bait and internet culture. One-click just isn't enough.


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