LaTurbo Avedon, an artist known solely as an avatar, now introduces Born Without Stars - a series of NFT-bound artworks that also become dynamic variables in their creative process. The artist introduces this collection of unique Materia, virtual artifacts that are capable of influencing the aesthetics, forms, and works that the artist will later create.  Born Without Stars begins this process with twelve unique pieces, transformations of the celestial zodiac into aesthetic and symbolic virtual vessels.


The collection continues on world-building observed in Patience Cabinet (debuted by Avedon in NFTism: No Fear in Trying).  The work Patience Cabinet reveals a series of twelve scenes as it opens and closes, an index to the individual pieces of the Born Without Stars series. Avedon presents this first unique set of twelve Materia as a sort of heirloom, to be carried by someone from one world into the next.


Each piece is offered in an one + artist proof. In addition, under the condition a collector acquires the complete set from Born Without Stars, they will receive a unique 1/1 piece to commemorate their interaction with the project.