This solo drop by Sara Ludy is a single-channel video lasting 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The film showcases a close-up sage of an ant's attempt to carry a piece of bird poop. Ant with Bird Poop references the famous work 'Quarta-Feira de Cinzas / Epilogue, 2006' by Rivane Neuenschwander and Cao Guimarães, a video which showcases a close-up view of ants carrying coloured confetti across the floor of the Brazilian rainforest. While the journey of the ant in the rainforest seems mundane, it alludes to the mood and aftermath of the chaotic Ash-Wednesday festival in Brazil. Similar to Neuenschwander and Guimarães, Sara Ludy imbues her work with subjectivity and sensory experiences, to better ‘express the complexities of modern human realities.' Sara Ludy takes her artwork a step further past Rivane Neuenschwander's and Cao Guimarães' concept of the boundaries between natural and constructed worlds, forcing the viewer to question the role of technological advancement in our lives.

Ant with Bird Poop begins as a mindfulness exercise - but takes on a different meaning when placed in a blockchain context. It becomes reflective of how we as humans are creating pathways towards equitable distribution under the volatility of technology, and how this moment feels chaotic, condensed, and hard to grasp - almost dream-like. In addition, it’s important to consider the gesture of preservation and what is meaningful to make “permanent”. For Sara Ludy, preserving mundane - yet profound - moments of the natural world is 100% worth preserving, they're mirrors for us.