In the peak of crypto and global fashion weeks, this solo drop celebrates the burgeoning world of digital fashion. As a budding ecosystem, digital fashion offers a new frontier for artists to artists to ethically and sustainably transform the boundaries of their craft. Additionally, fashion brands are adopting digital methods of prototyping and designing, leading to waste reduction and streamlining physical production. Through the global initiative of digital fashion, Institut provides a platform that unites the frontiers of new digital technology and revolution in contemporary art.

Stephy Fung is a 3D artist based in London who specialises in Adobe Suite, Cinema4D, Marvlous Designer/Clo3D, and Houdini. Stephy’s artistic practice centres around building garments and the world in which they live. She provides integration, both physical and in the metaverse, through her NFT artworks and AR applications. As her career expands across multiple top leading partnerships such as Selfridges and Vogue Singapore, Stephy Fung has become a leading expert in 3D clothing and garment design prototyping.

Across her artworks, Stephy strives for a balanced composition imbued with vibrant colours. She initially sketches the garment digitally, creating a raw outline for her final artwork. Next, she brings the art to life by transforming the artwork from 2D to a three-dimensional object. Upon completing the 3D modelling and motion graphics, she layers additional textures and patterns which provide deeper meaning and complexity to the piece. Finally, she finishes her process by editing the environment’s settings. Overall, Stephy’s method follows a start-to-finish model that parallels traditional fashion design.

Stephy Fung drew inspiration for her latest collections from the traditional art and clothing of China. ‘Lunar’, the NFT presented in this solo drop, is based on a Hanfu-style garment combined with a modern haute couture twist. Embedded in the garment are lunar and astrological patterns; by including recognisable yet esoteric patterns, Stephy aims to celebrate and educate her audience on her Chinese heritage.