Institut and Unit London are shocked and saddened by the unfolding human tragedy in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and to raise funds for humanitarian aid, we have organised the sale of Ellen Sheidlin’s 'A Plea for Peace'.

Over the next coming days and weeks, we will be highlighting various initiatives and artist efforts in support. The crypto community has already raised well over $20 million. in crypto for medical supplies, lodging, and other humanitarian support. We urge you to head to our editorial page and stories to discover ways that you can help during these tragic times.

All profits of the sale will be donated to the following organisations and efforts:

-The official Ukrainian government-sanctioned ETH account.
-Come Back Alive
-The Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Ellen Sheidlin

A Plea for Peace

“On February 24, we became different. Now we are surrounded by pain, tears, and a terrible world war. How could a country with the national idea ‘if only there was no war’ allow this madness?. I am haunted by the inertia of life and thought, the drama of such a level that there is no possibility to express my feelings in language and it seems there is nothing left, and it doesn't matter what words to use for what is happening, because the only important thing left is a plea for peace. My instrument of expression is art and through it, I will continue to express my position, which is exactly on the side of innocent inhabitants forced to leave their homes, huddled in shelters and dying under shells and bullets of this inglorious meat grinder called a "special operation’” - Ellen Sheidlin.

Ellen Sheidlin contributed works in support of peace, Ukraine, and her homeland. Ellen continues to use her platform to highlight support Ukraine and her friends and family fleeing the tragedy. It is now that the most important thing is to confront violence with art, with words."A great country and a great nation are thrown to an unnecessary test, conditioned only by the ambitions of the ruling psychopath, and this is a historical anomaly, not a property of our national character, our culture, or our history."