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What’s in an NFT? What goes into the making of a contemporary digital artwork? More often than not the stories behind an artworks’ creation are worth listening to. And not just because they allow us to learn more about the work itself but also because they provide invaluable insight into the ways that artists at… Continue reading What’s in an NFT? The Story of Ayla El-Moussa’s Body of Water

Selay Karasu’s immersive aesthetics produce NFTs of endless visual depth and powerful conceptual resonance. Before the drop of World Wide Mind on the Institut NFT platform we spoke with Selay to learn more about the technical side of her practice, as well as the future of humanity as she sees it.

We spoke with Studio Meeson ahead of her debut release with Institut. While hearing how each of her digital video works exemplifies a guiding interest in futuristic, otherworldly organic forms busy in various stages of pulsating transformation, we also discovered the truly special backstory of this burgeoning LA-based digital artist.