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Otherworlds 1 April

Otherworlds is a collection of visionary works by 5 artists who imagine and build intricate worlds that are just beyond our grasp. Here, Reuben Wu, Raphael Lacoste, Josh Piece, Marc Simonetti, and Ikaro Cavalcante capture greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation. Inspired by subsequent leading figures in art history such as Romantic… Continue reading Otherworlds

From the generative beauty of Tyler Hobbs and IX Shells to the captivating digital worlds of Krista Kim and Don Diablo, Institut’s inaugural showing at Art Dubai and our debut appearance at an international art fair brings together a world-class grouping of digital artists who are defining the NFT space. Representative of the rapid coming… Continue reading Institut at Art Dubai 2022

Parker Day is a photographer known for her oddball characters. Straddling reality and fiction, Day’s technicolour photographs of strange and sublime icons revel in kink and gore. Shot on 35mm and left untouched after shooting, the artificial feeling of the images is the result of meticulous staging via makeup and props alongside patient collaboration with… Continue reading The Oddball World of Parker Day

Shir Pakman’s memorable aesthetic immediately strikes as holding deep meaning and significance. Combining thoughtful concepts related to a varied set of ideas across the female gaze, canonical art, and nature and humanity, Pakman brings these together into a holistic whole on the digital surfaces of her works. Bridging the expansive gap between traditional art genres… Continue reading Shir Pakman: Bridging the Old and the New

Miao Ying is among the first generation of Chinese contemporary artists to grow up alongside Chinese economic reform, the one-child policy, and the internet. In fact, the internet is the dominant topic of her practice, courtesy of wry and appropriative commentary on dominant technology and internet trends in China. “Coping with her Stockholm Syndrome in… Continue reading Miao Ying’s Evil Words are a Study of Language, Censorship and the Chinese Internet

MABLAB are the first artists to take part in Institut’s new GMI open call drop. GMI offers the chance for up-and-coming artists to exhibit and drop their artworks on the Institut platform. MABLAB are two sisters based in Kazakhstan who work in intricate and detailed ways with lofty architectural subject matter and complex programs. To… Continue reading What’s in a NFT? MABLAB’s The Birth of the Metaverse

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