Institut at Art Dubai 2022

From the generative beauty of Tyler Hobbs and IX Shells to the captivating digital worlds of Krista Kim and Don Diablo, Institut's inaugural showing at Art Dubai and our debut appearance at an international art fair brings together a world-class grouping of digital artists who are defining the NFT space. Representative of the rapid coming together of art world and NFT spheres and also heralding the increased visibility of the digital in physical exhibition spaces. Institut is heralding a new frontier for contemporary art.


VIP preview: 9 - 10 March

Public days: 11 - 13 March


DRIFT x Don Diablo x Sil, FORΞVΞR DRIFTING, 2021, 1/1


FORΞVΞR DRIFTING is a monumental video work that takes popular aesthetic tropes from the NFT space and expands these to their extremes. The collaborative work continues the artists’ interest in theatricality, form and movement alongside the melding of digital and real world environments.


Don Diablo is a leading NFT artist, electronic music producer and DJ. His GENESIS piece sold for a record breaking debut entrance of 110 ETH. Shortly followed by another record breaking sale: Destination Hexagonia became the largest primary sale on SuperRare (600 ETH) instantly making him one of the biggest artists in the space.


Krista Kim, Mirror of the Mind v.5, 2021, 1/1


Mirror of the Mind v.5 is from Krista Kim’s series of 8 minute meditations. The artist aims to create a meditative experience using digital technology, emphasising the role of art in a more humane digital culture.


Krista Kim’s light-filled work is imbued with a sense of transcendence and meditation. Often manifested as surrealist depictions, Kim develops experiences of the sublime and produces experiential zen space through digital and physical installations.


Tyler Hobbs, Elektroanima 0.9, 2020/2022, 1/1 of 16


Elektroanima 0.9 is a continuation of Tyler Hobbs’ investigations into combinations of hand-drawings and algorithmic processes. The work begins as a curve drawn by hand, which is then transformed by custom algorithms into the final work. 


Tyler Hobbs works with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His practice focuses on generative techniques, exploring the relationship between the aesthetics of the digital world and the analogue world, including how computers and contemporary software shape our visual vocabulary.


Josh Pierce, Dissolve, 2022, 1/1

Dissolve represents Josh Pierce's symbolisation of transcendence. This work is the process of dissolving and collapsing-  resist the urge to constantly repair and rebuild it.

Josh Pierce  focuses on surreal and natural themes, evoking a sense of awe and spiritual calm with his sublime use of color and composition. His primary motif juxtaposes natural environments with abstract energy forms to suggest the presence of the beyond in the here and now.

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